Suspect Technologies aims to continuously improve the security, safety of people and access to services by using trusted digital identification, privacy, and other biometric technologies..


Suspect Technologies is offering privacy, surveillance, and identity management solutions to enhance the collective values of security, safety, efficiency and convenience. Currently the company offers privacy tools, including video and audio redaction services to police agencies.

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Protect Content

In the public sector, law enforcement agencies currently spend millions of hours redacting people’s faces and identities in videos. In the private sector, 75% of all people work in spaces where their devices need to be protected from others.

Verify Identities

Identity fraud will grow to 28.6 billion dollars this year. Identity fraud happens once every 2 seconds.

Secure Property

Next generation AI and Cameras for securing goods & property.

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Content Protection

- Law Enforcement Police Agencies - Mobile Devices, Laptops, and Desktop Computers

Identity Management

- Businesses with online web presence - HealthCare - Officers in Field

Property Security

- Airport Entry - CPB Entry/Exit